Source code for trashman.tmds

# -*- encoding: utf-8 -*-
# Trashman v1.5.0
# A Python trash manager.
# Copyright (C) 2011-2018, Chris Warrick.
# See /LICENSE for licensing information.

    Trashman Data Storage.

    :Copyright: © 2011-2018, Chris Warrick.
    :License: BSD (see /LICENSE).

from . import __version__
import sys
import os
import logging
    import configparser
except ImportError:
    import ConfigParser as configparser

### TMDS           TM global data storage  ###
[docs]class TMDS(object): """Trashman Data Storage.""" trash = None trashdir = None # Creating the configuration/log stuff... if sys.platform == 'darwin': confhome = os.path.expanduser('~/Library/Application Support/') else: confhome = os.getenv('XDG_CONFIG_HOME') if confhome is None: confhome = os.path.expanduser('~/.config/') kwdir = os.path.join(confhome, 'kwpolska') confdir = os.path.join(kwdir, 'trashman') if not os.path.exists(confhome): os.mkdir(confhome) if not os.path.exists(kwdir): os.mkdir(kwdir) if not os.path.exists(confdir): os.mkdir(confdir) if not os.path.exists(confdir): error(_('Cannot create the configuration directory.')) exit(1) config = configparser.SafeConfigParser(), 'trashman.cfg')) if not config.has_section('default_backend'): config.add_section('default_backend') config.set('default_backend', 'name', 'auto') config.write(open(os.path.join(confdir, 'trashman.cfg'), 'w')) if not os.path.exists(confdir): try: os.mkdir(confdir) except: try: os.mkdir(confhome) except: pass try: os.mkdir(os.path.join(confhome, 'kwpolska')) os.mkdir(confdir) except: self.error('Cannot create the config directory ({}).'.format( confdir)) logging.basicConfig(format='%(asctime)-15s [%(levelname)-7s] \ :%(name)-10s: %(message)s', filename=confdir + '/trashman.log', level=logging.DEBUG) log = logging.getLogger('trashman')'*** Trashman v{}'.format(__version__))
[docs] def info(self, msg): """Show an information and log it.""" sys.stderr.write('* {}'.format(msg))'(auto info ) {}'.format(msg))
[docs] def warning(self, msg): """Show a warning and log it.""" sys.stderr.write('! {}'.format(msg)) self.log.warning('(auto warning ) {}'.format(msg))
[docs] def error(self, msg): """Show an error and log it.""" sys.stderr.write('E {}'.format(msg)) self.log.error('(auto error ) {}'.format(msg))
[docs] def critical(self, msg): """Show a critical error and log it.""" sys.stderr.write('C {}'.format(msg)) self.log.critical('(auto critical) {}'.format(msg))